This will become sort of a diary. A diary about my journey to become a JavaScript Ninja.

Since January 2014 I am proud junior frontend dev at TeamVaamo. I started coding about 4 years ago and am an apprentice still.

JavaScript is my current number one learning goal. I have aquired some ok JS basics over the last years, can disentangle JS code if it is not too complicated and nerdy (and if I try really, really hard). I achieved that level by going through numerous tutorials. But still, when it comes to writing JS code myself, to really solving a specific problem or feature in a real project, like our vaamo app, unfortunately, I fail miserably. I am far from being fluent in the JS and that is due to lack of continuous training and missing knowledge of quite some basic concepts, and anyhow, lack of programming practice in general. Yes. I know. I know. There is only the hard way and I am willing to take it.

If you are a coder apprentice yourself, you sure you know this: You are full of motivation, you really want it, but still end up not finding that half an hour, hour every day you swore yourself you’d take, to constantly train. And every time you find an hour or four and want to make up for the time lost, you start at almost zero again.

The Deal

So, my much admired mentor, best CTO ever and awesome colleague Benjamin and me made this deal last week:

In at least 2 weeks steps I will document my JS progress here.

I will write and lament and burst out and proudly present and shamefully admit all my achievements, failures, troubles, problems and steps on that path. It will be published here and on my private blog on bonbonPages. Benjamin will feed me little code problems matching the topic I am currently working on from out of our app.

The book I will use is this one:

Cover of 'Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja' book by John Resig, Bear Bibeault