Vaamo is a somehow distributed company. The most part of the team works out of our headquarter office in Frankfurt. Jezen on the other hand is working full-time remotely, and often enough parts of the team work from home or any other place that fits for them at the time.

So it’s only natural, that we spend quite some time keeping in touch via some kind of video conferencing. And of course chat. But that’s another post’s topic.

As soon as there are multiple people joining a video conference, the most sensible tool to use is Google Hangout.

It turns out though, that Hangout is not only a sensible choice. One feature of Hangout we’ve been using a lot lately is the mightily funny and great Draw.

And it’s amazing how far some silly lines on or around some other people’s face can go when it comes to having fun together. Shared experiences, even if they are just a shared funny joke, can go a long way to increase trust between people in a team.
Increased trust then allows for a higher and less error-prone communication.

Crazy, isn’t it? Have fun and eat the cake? No problem.

@jezenthomas: Google Hangouts makes it impossible to take meetings seriously Source


So here’s the thing that you should start doing this week:
Start your meetings and team gatherings with some silly drawing fun.