My name is Raimo, I’m (for now) located in Münster.
I co-founded a company after graduating from university in 2013 and am now working at vaamo since the 1st of December. Here at vaamo, I work as a Backend Software Developer and program in Scala.

For me, working at vaamo means both working on a product that provides a great value to people and also working with smart people in a very productive environment.

You should talk to me about …

… the most trivial observations you make. I’m genuinely curious about how everyday things work and also how people interact and work with each other.

Also, I’m very interested in Agile Software Development and Software Craftsmanship. I regularly attend or host events by the Softwerkskammer, be it a Code Retreat, a Hackathon or an OpenSpace.

Apart from that, I’m a huge concert-/festival-goer and Scotch afficionado, so either start a conversation with me by making me jealous of the last gig you went to or by recommending a good Scotch.

Also, a photo of your (or really any) dog is a great conversation starter for me… :-)

I’m looking forward to work on …

… the inner workings of a well-crafted application while at vaamo. My journey as a Software Craftsman/Apprentice starts here, and I’m very excited for the challenges (and of course successes) lying ahead of us.

My favorite gif

Doge in Space