Hi, my name is Jan and somehow I recently joined vaamo. I started on the 1st of January as a Scala developer. I’m located in Mainz and work from the vaamo HQ in Frankfurt.

After graduating from university in 2008 I worked as a software developer and later as a consultant at a software service provider in Mainz working on different projects. Besides coding in Java, mainly backend stuff on web related projects, I did some (technical) project management.

There are some really smart people working at vaamo and sometimes i feel like the dumbest person in the room, which is great! Working at vaamo also means transitioning from thinking in projects to products for me, which needs a slightly different mindset I have to learn.

You should talk to me about …

… whatever comes to your mind. I’m totally open to everything but if you need a conversation starter try talking to me about the following topics:

  • Software development, well that is pretty obvious since I’m working as a software developer…
  • Travelling, I love travelling to the northern countries, have been to Sweden, Norway and (my favorite) Canada in the last couple of years
  • Music, especially about the heavier stuff
  • Guitar gear, I love talking about guitars and amps
  • Photography

Another topic you could talk to me is football/soccer, but there I’m really biased (huge Mainz fan), so this could become a very opinionated discussion ;-)

I’m looking forward to work on …

… work on? Work with great people and an awesome team! Otherwise I’m really looking forward to work on a great product and some well crafted code. There is quite some new stuff to learn for me and I’m excited to see what the future will bring for vaamo.

My favorite gif