My name is Jezen, and I’m a software developer on the team at vaamo. I’m originally from London, but I live in the middle of a Swedish forest and join my colleagues every day digitally. I joined the team in the beginning of 2014, and I’ve mostly been working on our application’s user interface.

You should talk to me about …

I’m a car guy, so you’re always welcome to make smalltalk about a particular variety of motors that come from Stuttgart. I’m also quite keen on Vim and Unix, so I’d love to learn how I can do more with less in software development.

Oh, I’m also a huge music nerd. I was a teaching and touring musician before starting my software development career, and my taste is suitably eclectic. Whether it’s Pat Metheny, Björk, Nine Inch Nails or the Wu-Tang Clan, it’s my thing.

I’m looking forward to work on …

Now that I’ve been wrangling Sass and JavaScript for a solid year, I’m quite excited to delve deeper into the backend of our application by writing more Scala. I’d also like to learn more about our deployment process and how we monitor performance and gather metrics. My colleagues do a really fantastic job of being proactive and keeping the engines running, and these are qualities that are essential to every software project I work on, regardless of the chosen stack.

My favorite gif


Literally impossible to not laugh.