Hi, my name is Verena. I joined vaamo in January 2014.
I grew up in a little town in the black forest, have lived at various places and happened to become a Frankfurter Würstchen about 5 years ago. I am glad that it only takes me a bike ride or walk to the vaamo HQ everyday.

Before getting infected with an obsession for web development about 5 years ago, I have studied medicine and worked as a medical doctor and neuroscientist for several years. During the last year, my profesional self consciousness has turned upside down. The “wait, what, you were a doctor and now you code?” “really?” “but, but, why?” section can be found elsewhere, or you can ask me, if you are interested.

At vaamo I enjoy working on the frontend parts of our app and website. Currently I focus on the rebirth of our vaamo website design.

You should talk to me about …

Definitely music. I am a constant seeker for new tunes, lover of the numerous favorites I have collected and consider my new headphones the best investment in the last half a year.

Also, I am not joking about that becoming a chef was considered as plan B if the web development thing wouldn’t have work out so well. So cooking (yes the stereotype and I don’t care) is part of the list of my favorite things.

And as I am part of the Team of Techettes Frankfurt, a local non-profit organization of women in tech, hosting regular events for, by and with women interested in tech, you could talk to me about the astonishing gender gap in the tech world.

I’m looking forward to work on …

… becoming a JavaScript Ninja. The blog posts here on my journey might have made you guess that. Seing our app and website grow and actually grow my skills along with it, is what I look forward to continue to do. More specifically, I want to dive deeper into the power of sass, programming in general and implement more parts of JavaScript in our code myself.

One of the many things that make me admire being part of TeamVaamo: There is an atmosphere of apprenticeship all over. All are. All are aware of it. And all let you know they are. And I am just one of them. At what level? Doesn’t matter. That’s the spirit I am surrounded by.

My favorite gif

My arrival in the crazy world of cats and gifs and all that stuff was pretty late in life. I don’t think I’ll ever catch up with the speed of my fellow colleagues in finding the just perfectly matching gif in like 3 ms, but want to thank them for all the bursts of laughter they trigger.
So still being on the search for my favorite gif, Kermit is a hot candidate:

Kermit agrees