My name is Niklas, and I’m a backend software developer at vaamo. I studied Computer Science at the TU Darmstadt with a focus on Software Engineering, Distributed Systems and a minor in IT Management. I joined vaamo shortly after finishing in December 2013. Today, my lovely wife and I are living in Frankfurt so I can ride to work on my bike everyday, which is great. For the most part I am working on the vaamo backend and related services and therefore write mostly Scala code.

You should talk to me about …

Well… Almost anything really. I have a very broad interest in lots of things. For example, I would love to show you how I tie my shoelaces in a way that is both really fast and also gets a perfect bow every time. On the other hand you can talk to me about the future of society and the chasm between the poor and rich. I am also very interested in home automation and love to tinker with hardware.

When it comes to software development, I am always interested in hearing and talking about how we as software developers can help to reduce time to business impact, especially how to decide when to use the hottest thing on HackerNews or better stick to battle-proven technology.

I don’t care much about cars or sports though.

I’m looking forward to…

Continuing to work with really great people on improving the vaamo product and see it change the current landscape of opaque financial instruments. In particular I am looking forward to learning about and improving the way we work together both in terms of technical work (DevOps, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Reviews,…) but also in terms of how we as software developers communicate and improve our standing with everyone else, both at vaamo and in the industry as a whole.

See you around!

My favorite gif

Minion helping out another minion