I’m Benjamin Reitzammer, one of the very first employees of vaamo, and joined vaamo a little more than two years ago in May 2013 as CTO.

You should talk to me about …

… music first. I love everything related to music and listen to a slew of different styles. Last year, after years of dreaming about it, I even bought a used drumset and consider myself a hobby-level hobby drummer.

But as a parent of two young boys and a newly-made gardener I’m also very interested to hear your stories about the lovely kind of chaos that can come out of daily life as a family.

At vaamo I’m really into building great teams that in turn build great products. Leadership and Diversity are alternative words for that. So if you’re interested in how to build diverse teams, by overcoming most of our inherent social biases and stereotypes, and finally how to build products, I’m all yours.

Oh, and coffee. Talk to me about coffee.

I’m looking forward to…

… keep on working with everybody at vaamo to make saving and investing fun, worthwhile and effective for everybody.

For me a key part in doing this is working directly with people, helping them grow. And the most fun way to do that is having coffee walks as 1on1s with my team. Did I mention I really love and feel blessed to be working with that brilliant group of people that dubs itself @VaamoTech?

My favorite gif

My colleagues, and probably my Twitter followers too, know that this is a real hard one for me. While for a very long time, Jennifer Lawrence gifs were my total favs, I’m currently more fond of “positive” gifs.

Darren Criss saying "yes"

One more thing

We are hiring. Write me without any CVs and the likes, but rather start a conversation and tell me why you are interested to work at and with vaamo.