Hi, I’m Robert and I joined Vaamo in May 2016 as a backend developer. I graduated in computer science (with focus on Embedded Systems and A.I.) in 2012 and started working as a Devop.

When it comes to Scala I’m a newbie. Same goes for Functional Programming and nearly 70% of the technology-stack vaamo uses. So most of the time I look like this:


And it’s awesome! I love learning new things and getting challenged by technologies. So it’s pretty obvious what…

You should talk to me about …

Play!, Scala, Testing and Software Design. Everything related to these topics should give us plenty to talk about. And besides that:

… your favorite tools. I’m always looking for new things to try out and play with. At the moment I’m trying to optimize my zsh-setup. :)

… Music. I’m constantly looking for new input. From Tool, In Flames, Jacques Loussier, Sportfreunde Stiller to The Glitch Mob. I’m open to anything!

… Hardware and your favorite embedded projects, sensors and boards! I love everything that blinks and beeps (except Daleks). Bonus points if a soldering iron is involved! At the moment I’m trying to automate the watering of my plants with a Raspberry Pi and too many sensors.

… Wanderlust. Seeing new places. Meeting new people and travel the World. There’s so much to see and learn!

I’m looking forward to …

… working with awesome people and professioanls while learning from them as much as I can.

My favorite gif