Hi there! I’m Max, one of the most recent vaamo employees, and joined vaamo in February 2016 as a Backend Developer after graduating in Information Systems last December. This means that similar to Robert I had close to no experience with most of the technology used at vaamo. Additionally since this is my first full-time job after university, I also had no experience with the professional software development process as a whole. However, speaking out of my quarter year Vaamo experience, I can say that so far it has been a really challenging, fun and rewarding journey.

You should talk to me about …

…whatever excites you and makes you feel great about life. I am interested to learn about lots of stuff and am happy to talk about how your favorite football team does this season, the effects of the progress in artificial intelligence on the world and whether basic income is a good idea to deal with those effects (hint: it is), as well as your favorite music album. From Quantum Physics to Hollywood gossip, hit me up with it! And movies, definitely talk to me about your favorite movies.

I’m looking forward to…

…learn lots of stuff about all the different aspects of software development and keep on building great products and features with the awesome team of @VaamoTech. Since this is my first full-time engineering job, I am incredibly humbled to be working together with the really smart and all around awesome people here. Furthermore, since part of my studies were about business, I am excited to follow the business development of Vaamo and how we can innovate personal investing for everyone.

My favorite gif

That’s a hard one since there are so many good ones for each and every situation. A long time this one has been my favorite, however recently I rediscovered one of the (in my opinion) most hilarious scenes in movie history: evanbaxter