Thanks to Vaamo I had the privilege to visit the LambdaWorld in Cádiz this year and it was awesome.

The Talks

Although Zainab Ali said in her talk that there was no coordination beforehand you could’ve got the idea that it was a big Conference to about Category Theory. Never heard of this? You should definitely watch the Keynote held by Dr. Eugenia Cheng: Category Theory in life. And even if you do know, watch it nevertheless! It covers an awesome explanation about privilege in our society:

In Peeling the banana (Slides) did Zainab Ali an amazing Job in diving into recursion schemes and explaining how category theory can be used to derive catamorphisms. (Note to myself: I have to rewatch that talk)

Don’t fear the optics by Jesús López-González taught me with a cool hands on workshop how to use optics in Scala. In fact, it was surprisingly easy :-).

Profunctor Optics by Bartosz Milewski blew my mind several times and I I’ll have to rewatch this one multiple times again to grasp it at a whole.

The Social

Closing Party at the Castle 🏰Closing Party at the Castle 🏰

Maybe that’s a big bummer for you because there will be no slides or youtube-talks that give you the social interaction I had at the conference. The organizers did an amazing job at creating enough free time to talk to other people and exchanging personal experiences and lessons learned. (And also not so work related stuff. I had an interesting chat about Stoicism)

Sunset at [Cádiz]( at Cádiz

Disclaimer: This article was written under the Influence of the post-conference-high ;-)