Come work with us as Backend Developer

Who is vaamo?

We are vaamo, a startup with it’s HQ in Frankfurt (Germany). Two founders and a diverse team of product management & development, design, marketing and customer service, who want to change the same-old financial industry for the better.

We create products that help people save money and reach their financial goals more easily, more effectively and with more fun.

We’re currently working in the german market only, but see ourselves part of an international community.

vaamo’s product

We help people achieve their financial goals. Be it their retirement, the education of their children, a home of their own or simply a new car or a vacation at an exotic location.

We do this by …

  • providing easy-to-use means for investing into a diverse and cost-effective passively-managed investment portfolio.
  • actively monitoring, also based on a forecast of expected returns, if customers can realistically achieve the financial goals they set themselves. And if not, we help them get back on track.

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What are the todos?

Short version: Improving the Backend-side of our main product.

Slightly longer version: Vaamo’s goal is, to help people reach their financial goals. Our product is an application, that helps with reaching those goals by providing people easy to use and easy to understand advice and tools at their fingertips.
This can be a calculator-like part, which updates projections and other numbers based on people’s input. In other parts this may involve translating the terms and concepts of a bank (“transactions”, “ISIN” etc) into concepts that our customers understand and codify them in a scalable solution, that’s also easy to understand by your developer peers.

Technically …

As a Backend Developer, your main programming tool will be the Scala programming language, and everything which involves that (Play!-Framework, sbt etc). You will work with Functional Programming Principles, Asynchronous Programming and Architectural patterns such as Event Sourcing, CQRS.

Depending on your skills and affinity, you might as well work on the intersection to our User-Interface and use our Javascript-related toolchain, which involves node.js, browserify and the likes. Oh, and no Gulp or Grunt. Make FTW.

As we’re a small team, you can branch out into many topics if you like. For example the collaboration between developers and operations is an important pillar of our work, so operations inclined developers can surely dive into how we do Infrastructure as Code and go deep there.

Be sure to apply, even if you’ve never actually worked with Scala or any other of the mentioned principles and technologies mentioned above. We’ll get you up-to-speed quickly, you can be sure of that.

What can you expect from working at vaamo?


Above all a job with lots of creative leeway and over time with as much responsibility as you like. We are a team that takes it’s time to do things right, while also asking very critically what we really need. This involves a very close collaboration with the product team, but also the evaluation of the right tools and of course test-driven development.

And of course also the freedom to choose the set of tools, including your hardware and OS, that you want to work with.


We are dedicated to continuously learning, working to improve ourselves and at the same time sharing what we learn within the team but also with surrounding communities.

To support everyone’s growth, vaamo provides each team member with a personal education budget. Each team member can use this budget at their discretion, to visit conferences, go to trainings, buy books, online courses. Whatever the person deems sensible to further their learning.

Additionally everyone in the technology team does at least a bi-weekly 1on1 with your team lead, where you work together on growing your skills and impact.

Long-term Product

You can work on a long-running product with us. A product that touches people and enriches their lives. Your code will have a direct impact, which you will be able to see from day one, and together with the team you can decide how to make this product better and better.

Workplace: HQ & Remote

Your workplace is no-bullshit, like many other things at vaamo: Work where you want! You need an office? No problem, we have a beautiful office space in Frankfurt, which is easily reachable with public transit. You want to work from home or a coworking space? No problem! GitHub, Slack, Screenhero, Hangout etc will make sure nothing gets lost and we stay up to date. Except for that you miss being challenged at the soccer table … just sayin’.

Interested? Apply, by starting a conversation.

What do we expect from you?

What’s non-negotiable is the ability and willingness to learn. You must be willing to be challenged and challenge others constructively, friendly and with empathy.

You must be willing to work in a self-organized team. Which means you should cherish close collaboration and often pairing with other members of the team, while still defining lots of priorities on your own. “What do you think?” is a question you’ll hear quite often. And not only in the code reviews, that are an integral part of our process.

As a startup it’s very important for us to embrace change. This sometimes means, scrapping some results completely, deleting code, and trying a different approach based on all the learnings. You should be ok with that and the Yak Shaving this may involve. If you love every single line of code that you ever wrote, we’re not the right shop for you.

Apply for a role @ vaamo …

… by starting a conversation with Timo, our Head of Engineering.

Tell us why working at and with vaamo sounds interesting to you. Don’t send CVs or other stuff like that. We’ll get to that later if everybody (including you) thinks it’s worth it.

Send along your favorite gif though, if that’s your cup of tea.

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